Event Race

Independence Day Triathlon

Coconut Creek, FL
Jul 2, 2023

Tradewinds Park is a beautiful park to host our event. The entire event will take place inside the park, so we have a closed course with no vehicular traffic (very safe!). The finish/transition area will be on the South Side of the park in the last parking lot. Signs will direct you to race morning parking. The race course is very spectator friendly.

Short - Duathlon
Sunday, Jul 2nd, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
35 Athletes
1st Kuhn, Zachary 18M VA Age Group 109.823 0:49:00.000 2nd Schwarz, Ricky 34M FL Age Group 107.126 0:50:14.000 3rd Llorente, Ricardo 46M FL Age Group 104.458 0:51:31.000 4th Herrera, Javier 45M FL Age Group 103.222 0:52:08.000 5th GARCIA, RICHARD 51M FL Age Group 96.844 0:55:34.000 6th Ribas, Alberto 55M FL Age Group 96.209 0:55:56.000 7th Berger, Scott 47M FL Age Group 96.066 0:56:01.000 8th Contreras, Leandro 78M FL Age Group 95.866 0:56:08.000 9th Perko, Jamie 51F FL Age Group 104.584 0:56:36.000 10th Lopez, Gilbert 40M FL Age Group 93.615 0:57:29.000 11th Kreller , Sean 50M FL Age Group 93.102 0:57:48.000 12th Sayao, Barbara 32F FL Age Group 99.682 0:59:23.000 13th Travis, Roger 65M FL Age Group 88.508 1:00:48.000 14th Benitez Martinez , Carlos Alfredo 71M FL Age Group 87.053 1:01:49.000 15th Hernandez, Erika 33F FL Age Group 93.195 1:03:31.000 16th Marchetti, Al 61M FL Age Group 84.170 1:03:56.000 17th Hediger, Valerie 57F FL Age Group 90.212 1:05:37.000 18th Davidson, Char 70F FL Age Group 87.934 1:07:19.000 19th Garone , Patricia 66F FL Age Group 87.501 1:07:39.000 20th Darbut, Evelyn 38F FL Age Group 86.268 1:08:37.000 21st Chee, Mary 46F FL Age Group 83.353 1:11:01.000 22nd Ellison , Jon 59M FL Age Group 74.550 1:12:11.000 23rd Armas, Maria 58F FL Age Group 79.992 1:14:00.000 24th Mizrahi, David 70M FL Age Group 69.526 1:17:24.000 25th Silva, Alexandre 47M FL Age Group 69.287 1:17:40.000 26th Millay , Jillian 38F FL Age Group 74.977 1:18:57.000 27th Pittman, Roy 60M FL Age Group 67.632 1:19:34.000 28th Kowalski, Claudia 61F FL Age Group 72.705 1:21:25.000 29th Cohen, Stacey 38F FL Age Group 71.664 1:22:36.000 30th Allen, Anita 69F FL Age Group 71.577 1:22:42.000 31st Merrit, Marvin 63M FL Age Group 64.012 1:24:04.000 32nd Kovacs, Bela 76M FL Age Group 63.860 1:24:16.000 33rd Byrne, Patrick 80M FL Age Group 63.671 1:24:31.000 34th Clavijo, Stephanie 40F FL Age Group 66.349 1:29:13.000 35th Carter, Kenneth 61M FL Age Group 57.156 1:34:09.000