Event Race

Mission Bay Triathlon, Duathlon, & Aquabike

San Diego, CA
Oct 15, 2023

Join us at the birthplace of the sport for the XTERRA Wetsuits Mission Bay Triathlon!

This is the 35th annual XTERRA Wetsuits Mission Bay Triathlon benefitting Life Sports Foundation. San Diego is the Birthplace of Triathlon! In 1974, the first Mission Bay Triathlon was as a run-bike-swim-run event on Fiesta Island by the San Diego Track Club. Every year competitors from around the country and f

Short - Aquabike
Sunday, Oct 15th, 2023
USAT Officiated
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
34 Athletes
1st Kreissl, Felix 25M CA Age Group 103.056 0:39:03.700 2nd Fonkalsrud, Eric 62M CA Age Group 102.544 0:39:15.400 3rd Drangsholt, Mark 66M WA Age Group 99.573 0:40:25.700 4th Kozlowski, Rick 71M CA Age Group 99.103 0:40:37.200 5th Kreckel, Ingmar 53M CA Age Group 99.026 0:40:39.100 6th McMurtry, Derek 50M CA Age Group 98.823 0:40:44.100 7th Rodriguez, Christopher 40M CA Age Group 94.793 0:42:28.000 8th Palowitch, Andrew 63M CO Age Group 93.654 0:42:59.000 9th Novoa, Stevan 42M CA Age Group 91.182 0:44:08.900 10th Lewis, Brian J 63M CA Age Group 87.958 0:45:46.000 11th Kvalvik, Mark 59M CA Age Group 87.556 0:45:58.600 12th Burke, Mike 63M CA Age Group 86.967 0:46:17.300 13th Freedman, Eric 60M CA Age Group 83.883 0:47:59.400 14th Sears, Lowell 72M CA Age Group 80.087 0:50:15.900 15th Morimoto, Marna 52F CA Age Group 86.738 0:51:03.100 16th O'Dea, Brent 53M CA Age Group 78.341 0:51:23.100 17th Medero, Carlos 64M CA Age Group 76.792 0:52:25.300 18th Sauls, Stacy 60F CA Age Group 83.486 0:53:02.400 19th Kaneda, Megan 42F CA Age Group 79.033 0:56:01.700 20th Cornelison, Kira 59F CA Age Group 78.874 0:56:08.500 21st Devouassoux, Hans 52M CA Age Group 71.462 0:56:19.900 22nd Kerich, James 66M AZ Age Group 71.299 0:56:27.600 23rd Seidenwurm, Katie 52F CA Age Group 76.128 0:58:10.000 24th Roberts, Traci 47F CA Age Group 74.589 0:59:22.000 25th Francabandiera, Livia 37F CA Age Group 73.297 1:00:24.800 26th Arrigoni, Holly 48F CA Age Group 72.050 1:01:27.500 27th Gawryluk, Camille 32F CA Age Group 64.172 1:09:00.200 28th Caramello, Doris 59F CA Age Group 63.672 1:09:32.700 29th Orourke, Erin 53F CO Age Group 61.856 1:11:35.200 30th Giron, Carlos 28M CA Age Group 53.894 1:14:41.600 31st Mcclaskey, Lily 63F CA Age Group 59.194 1:14:48.400 32nd Walther, Brian 64M CA Age Group 53.640 1:15:02.800 33rd McClaskey, Gigi 63F CA Age Group 58.828 1:15:16.300 34th King, Sheila 64F CA Age Group 51.414 1:26:07.600