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Game On! Key Largo Triathlon - Summer

Key Largo, FL
Aug 20, 2023

The picturesque swim takes place at the main beach at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park (MM 102.5). The beautiful clear salt water with no current, will be warm and relatively shallow. Your bike will be out and back on Overseas Highway/Card Sound Road. The 10K/5K run takes you through a lovely, laid back Florida Keys neighborhood where you will take in the sights of the colorful conch houses.

Intermediate - Triathlon
Sunday, Aug 20th, 2023
USAT Officiated
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
60 Athletes
1st Rosete, Yunior 39M FL Age Group 109.830 1:45:56.913 2nd CASTRO, MICHEL 38M FL Age Group 98.835 1:57:44.870 3rd Carabelli, Bernardo 28M FL Age Group 94.831 2:02:42.343 4th Dickey, TJ 32M FL Age Group 91.601 2:07:01.923 5th Juanes, Jonathan 28M FL Age Group 88.356 2:11:41.858 6th Vazquez, Rahimil 37M FL Age Group 87.384 2:13:09.779 7th De Leon, Andrea 36F FL Age Group 86.473 2:14:33.904 8th Orozco, Eduardo 43M FL Age Group 85.724 2:15:44.483 9th Chipoco, Eduardo 65M FL Age Group 81.911 2:22:03.641 10th Baldwin, Christine 54F FL Age Group 80.524 2:24:30.435 11th Armendariz, Gonzalo 59M FL Age Group 80.520 2:24:30.870 12th Jaca, Daniel 49M FL Age Group 80.493 2:24:33.815 13th Henry, Christopher 51M FL Age Group 80.256 2:24:59.416 14th Cotugno, Jennifer 42F FL Age Group 80.147 2:25:11.177 15th Capritto, Amanda 27F FL Age Group 79.295 2:26:44.846 16th guzman, douglas 50M FL Age Group 79.059 2:27:11.580 17th de la Cruz, Victor 38M FL Age Group 78.841 2:27:35.488 18th Zamora, Humberto 37M FL Age Group 78.571 2:28:05.920 19th Alberts, Thomas 29M FL Age Group 77.540 2:30:04.940 20th von Rumohr, Schack 62M FL Age Group 77.453 2:30:14.224 21st Rosado, Jonathan 26M FL Age Group 76.479 2:32:09.310 22nd Mocha, Jesse 32F FL Age Group 76.416 2:32:16.494 23rd Capiola, Christopher 20M FL Age Group 76.180 2:32:44.821 24th ALVAREZ, DIEGO 42M FL Age Group 76.085 2:32:56.306 25th McVeigh, Roger 63M FL Age Group 75.569 2:33:58.929 26th Mingo, Coki 49M Age Group 75.209 2:34:43.163 27th Peraza, Laura 41F FL Age Group 75.125 2:34:53.492 28th Peacock, Daniel 31M FL Age Group 74.991 2:35:10.142 29th Putnam, Tracy 50F FL Age Group 74.772 2:35:37.470 30th Durham, David 50M FL Age Group 73.875 2:37:30.821 31st Bradshaw, Amy 47F FL Age Group 71.920 2:41:47.686 32nd Velardi, Anthony 40M FL Age Group 71.090 2:43:41.160 33rd Westover, Alex 21M NC Age Group 71.069 2:43:43.974 34th Cook, Bradley 32M FL Age Group 70.597 2:44:49.568 35th Walsh, Mike 44M FL Age Group 69.304 2:47:54.188 36th Orlowicz, Christine 38F FL Age Group 69.003 2:48:38.106 37th Bujan, Daniel 31M FL Age Group 68.535 2:49:47.115 38th Davis, Deborah 58F FL Age Group 68.284 2:50:24.606 39th DE LIMA, ANDRES 36M FL Age Group 68.200 2:50:37.169 40th Concannon, Greg 55M FL Age Group 67.408 2:52:37.511 41st Chalnick, Jesse 27M FL Age Group 66.458 2:55:05.562 42nd Abate, Robert 57M FL Age Group 65.330 2:58:06.903 43rd Brito, Sandy 37F FL Age Group 65.064 2:58:50.675 44th Cook, Curtis 57M FL Age Group 64.310 3:00:56.473 45th Drew, Amy 48F FL Age Group 63.385 3:03:34.949 46th Saunders, Don 55M FL Age Group 62.841 3:05:10.196 47th Smith, Johnson 42M FL Age Group 62.348 3:06:38.650 48th Okunowo, Robin 24F FL Age Group 61.457 3:09:20.365 49th Maurizi, Ed 56M FL Age Group 61.253 3:09:58.166 50th Steinbaum, Michael 45M FL Age Group 60.929 3:10:58.781 51st Thibos, Maritza 37F FL Age Group 60.238 3:13:10.266 52nd Castro, Esteban 43M FL Age Group 60.208 3:13:16.260 53rd Boyajian, Briana 29F FL Age Group 58.942 3:17:25.143 54th Knispel, Stephanie 33F FL Age Group 55.199 3:30:48.394 55th Stober, Claudia 50F FL Age Group 55.014 3:31:30.998 56th Niestzche, Jessica 32F FL Age Group 51.463 3:46:06.583 57th Lake, Heather 48F FL Age Group 50.783 3:49:08.123 58th Leal, Bruno 41M FL Age Group 50.484 3:50:29.766 Harbour, Lauren 34F FL Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Palcheck, Anthony 33M FL Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000