Event Race

Sharon, MA
Aug 13, 2023

With a legit 12.3 mile Time Trial, this is the fastest bike course around. Not to mention a shady and flat 4.4 mile run around a beautiful lake! If you haven’t raced in Sharon for awhile, come check out what Max has done with some simple changes to this classic course and our signature post-race BBQ. You’ll love this race! Custom Finisher Medal | Lifestyle Shirt

Short - Aquabike
Sunday, Aug 13th, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
23 Athletes
1st Norris, Daniel 47M MA Age Group 103.538 0:45:43.000 2nd Aller, Larry 44M MA Age Group 92.721 0:51:03.000 3rd Thomson, Nancy 59F MA Age Group 91.584 0:51:41.000 4th Dias, James 57M MA Age Group 86.140 0:54:57.000 5th Arpin, Michael 61M MA Age Group 84.727 0:55:52.000 6th Allen, Bert 78M RI Age Group 84.374 0:56:06.000 7th Damianos, Laurie 59F MA Age Group 82.703 0:57:14.000 8th Albanese, Nicola 63M ME Age Group 82.034 0:57:42.000 9th Turkington, Mark 79M CT Age Group 81.028 0:58:25.000 10th Pfundstein, Dwight 67M MA Age Group 79.110 0:59:50.000 11th Thomas, Kathleen 66F MA Age Group 79.065 0:59:52.000 12th Morgan, John 51M MA Age Group 78.934 0:59:58.000 13th Harvey, Lori 58F MA Age Group 78.758 1:00:06.000 14th Zadow, Aram 54M MA Age Group 75.432 1:02:45.000 15th Ryan, Julie 43F MA Age Group 72.394 1:05:23.000 16th Geiermann, Joseph 61M MA Age Group 71.393 1:06:18.000 17th Bracha, Abigail 43F MA Age Group 69.677 1:07:56.000 18th Blake, Lisa 55F MA Age Group 67.878 1:09:44.000 19th Dressler, Holly 59F MA Age Group 65.303 1:12:29.000 20th Keller, Lisa 46F MA Age Group 64.620 1:13:15.000 21st Milette, Greg 43M MA Age Group 61.063 1:17:31.000 22nd Tierney, Christine 46F MA Age Group 60.879 1:17:45.000 23rd Sullivan, Janet 69F MA Age Group 60.439 1:18:19.000