Event Race

Storm the Lake Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon

Storm Lake, IA
Aug 19, 2023

The 11th annual Hy Noon Kiwanis Storm the Lake triathlon/duathlon is a charity event for Storm Lake Hy Noon Kiwanis Youth projects. Join other athletes at beautiful Storm Lake, IA King’s Pointe Waterpark and Resort. Swim in the protected bay, bike around the lake and run along the lake finishing at the flower lined path. All transition areas are at the waterpark.

Short - Triathlon
Saturday, Aug 19th, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
53 Athletes
1st Kraus, Nickolas 30M IA Age Group 96.790 1:08:18.970 2nd Bernholtz, Andy 35M IA Age Group 93.224 1:10:55.720 3rd Bergeson, Lance 55M SD Age Group 87.424 1:15:38.600 4th Wiegman, Mike 49M NE Age Group 86.118 1:16:46.900 5th Van Quathem, Carrie 51F IA Age Group 85.763 1:17:05.960 6th Williams, Brian 62M SD Age Group 85.378 1:17:26.810 7th White, Jim 52M IA Age Group 85.017 1:17:46.560 8th Snowardt, Chris 51M NE Age Group 84.616 1:18:08.680 9th Lee, Aaron 17M IA Age Group 83.805 1:18:54.600 10th Vande Vegte, Micah 17M IA Age Group 83.403 1:19:16.840 11th Thornton, James 52M IA Age Group 79.943 1:22:42.760 12th Woolsey, Amy 58F MN Age Group 78.883 1:23:49.460 13th Park-Codney, Karla 31F IA Age Group 78.781 1:23:55.970 14th Codney, Andrew 36M IA Age Group 78.693 1:24:01.570 15th Vander Plaats, Brian 43M IA Age Group 77.608 1:25:12.400 16th Bennett, Dennis 57M IA Age Group 76.084 1:26:54.490 17th Vande Vegte, Jennifer 46F IA Age Group 75.320 1:27:47.370 18th Randell, Graham 20M IA Age Group 75.284 1:27:49.840 19th Jensen, Lauren 35F IA Age Group 74.613 1:28:37.290 20th VanBlarcum, Kaylee 28F NE Age Group 72.748 1:30:53.590 21st Barber, Stephen 40M MO Age Group 72.170 1:31:37.250 22nd Witters, Jeffrey 60M IA Age Group 72.077 1:31:44.330 23rd Lynch, Abigail 33F NE Age Group 70.372 1:33:57.720 24th Corbin, Kyle 31M IA Age Group 70.346 1:33:59.820 25th Meyer, Jessie 44F SD Age Group 70.202 1:34:11.330 26th Ellis, David 46M IA Age Group 68.952 1:35:53.800 27th Anderson, Ray 57M NE Age Group 68.615 1:36:22.900 28th Fransen, Jonathan 37M IA Age Group 66.930 1:38:47.600 29th Hankens, Deborah 72F IA Age Group 66.782 1:39:00.770 30th Davis, Steve 69M IA Age Group 66.516 1:39:24.530 31st Miller, Ashley 35F IA Age Group 66.347 1:39:39.710 32nd Raffelson, Lyndsey 40F MN Age Group 64.262 1:42:53.750 33rd Bergren, Dale 72M NE Age Group 63.952 1:43:23.640 34th Majeski, Benjamin 19M IA Age Group 63.385 1:44:19.130 35th Ytzen, Johnny 69M IA Age Group 63.043 1:44:53.900 36th Busse, Lana 16F IA Age Group 61.083 1:48:15.200 37th Bierling, Jess 49F IA Age Group 60.507 1:49:16.870 38th Warner, Caroline 33F IA Age Group 59.486 1:51:09.380 39th McEvoy, Dan 29M IA Age Group 59.203 1:51:41.330 40th Moffat, Devin 29M IA Age Group 58.991 1:52:05.370 41st Huggenberger, Mike 73M NE Age Group 58.850 1:52:21.460 42nd Slechta, Therese 52F IA Age Group 57.987 1:54:01.820 43rd Hubbard, Kelly 33F IA Age Group 57.547 1:54:54.130 44th Croghan, Justin 37M IA Age Group 56.214 1:57:37.630 45th Stultz, Paul 68M NE Age Group 55.940 1:58:12.130 46th Spreng, Mary 58F Age Group 55.349 1:59:27.890 47th Uittenbogaard, Becky 51F IA Age Group 53.050 2:04:38.470 48th Loving, Gus 27M IA Age Group 52.852 2:05:06.470 49th Higdon, James 57M IA Age Group 52.834 2:05:09.140 50th Landgraf, Nick 41M IA Age Group 52.160 2:06:46.100 51st Condon, Jeremiah 42M IA Age Group 51.232 2:09:03.900 52nd Untiedt, Kaylan 24F MN Age Group 48.732 2:15:41.900 53rd Moffat, Hannah 25F IA Age Group 47.273 2:19:52.420