Event Race

Bakersfield, CA
Oct 15, 2023

Whether this is your destination triathlon, or a training event for an upcoming 70.3, don't miss this great flat and fast course to start out your triathlon season. Hurry back, there is food and music waiting for you after the race. Located at Lake Evans, part of the Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area off of I-5, just west of Bakersfield.

Short - Triathlon
Sunday, Oct 15th, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
39 Athletes
1st WALES, ANDREW 14M CA Age Group 95.747 1:05:21.000 2nd ESCAMILLA, MIGUEL 31M CA Age Group 94.470 1:06:14.000 3rd MAXWELL, ANDREW 38M CA Age Group 94.375 1:06:18.000 4th PARISH, DARYL 51M CA Age Group 84.138 1:14:22.000 5th MILLS, CHRISTIAN 17M CA Age Group 82.783 1:15:35.000 6th WALES, ABIGAIL 16F CA Age Group 90.305 1:16:13.000 7th FIELD, MEGHAN 22F CA Age Group 88.752 1:17:33.000 8th DOYLE, BRANDON 40M CA Age Group 79.707 1:18:30.000 9th MOON, MATT 37M CA Age Group 78.920 1:19:17.000 10th BOOZER, BRIAN 40M CA Age Group 78.245 1:19:58.000 11th FRANK, SCOTT 43M CA Age Group 76.962 1:21:18.000 12th BAILEY, NICK 37M CA Age Group 75.889 1:22:27.000 13th PICHARDO, ERIC 33M CA Age Group 75.629 1:22:44.000 14th FAULCONER, BRYSON 24M CA Age Group 73.239 1:25:26.000 15th HOLOWACH, DAVID 44M CA Age Group 72.058 1:26:50.000 16th SLEDGE, EMILY 27F WA Age Group 78.885 1:27:15.000 17th HIPSKIND, JOHN 62M CA Age Group 69.703 1:29:46.000 18th POWER, SCOTT 41M CA Age Group 68.234 1:31:42.000 19th DEJAYNES, GEOFF 41M CA Age Group 67.741 1:32:22.000 20th MCBRIDE, TODD 60M CA Age Group 64.873 1:36:27.000 21st THOMAS, STEPHANIE 36F CA Age Group 69.970 1:38:22.000 22nd HALE, KEN 55M CA Age Group 62.895 1:39:29.000 23rd VELASCO, ANDRES 16M CA Age Group 62.539 1:40:03.000 24th Gutierrez, Alejandro 49M CA Age Group 62.012 1:40:54.000 25th ALEMAN, ISAAC 39M CA Age Group 61.727 1:41:22.000 26th FIELD, LESLEY 52F CA Age Group 64.115 1:47:21.000 27th GARDINER, JOHN 39M CA Age Group 57.159 1:49:28.000 28th MORENO, ANDREW 31M CA Age Group 56.891 1:49:59.000 29th Ruiz, Deborah 46F CA Age Group 62.146 1:50:45.000 30th POPP, PENNY 70F CA Age Group 61.701 1:51:33.000 31st LAFROMBOISE, ELI 51M CA Age Group 53.708 1:56:30.000 32nd SERRANO, DANIEL 28M CA Age Group 53.486 1:56:59.000 33rd RITCHIE, JOHN 62M CA Age Group 53.251 1:57:30.000 34th GALINDO, MARIELY 34F CA Age Group 56.960 2:00:50.000 35th COHEN, AMIR 62M CA Age Group 51.711 2:01:00.000 36th RAMIREZ, IRENE 35F CA Age Group 52.992 2:09:53.000 37th KRONING, ALEC 30M CA Age Group 46.677 2:14:03.000 38th JUAREZ, ASHLEY 34F CA Age Group 47.456 2:25:02.000 39th MORALES, ANA 37F CA Age Group 40.827 2:48:35.000