Event Race

Brick House Triathlon Duathlon & Aquabike

Navasota, TX
Oct 22, 2023

500 meter swim in the beautiful and clean Magnolia Hill Ranch Lake 9-10 mile bike (Equivalent to about 12-15 on the road) 3 mile run following mostly jeep trails around the lake

The swim will have a beach start with plenty of room to spread out. You will then proceed to the 9 mile (2 lap) bike course. The bike course is easy my off-road standards. A gravel bike (with a little wider tires) is the

Short - Triathlon Off-Road
Sunday, Oct 22nd, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Triathlon Off-Road
Competition Level:
49 Athletes
1st Aviles, Edward 53M TX Age Group 90.942 1:08:23.100 2nd Quinn, Tavish 15M TX Age Group 86.623 1:11:47.700 3rd Bridges, Charles 51M TX Age Group 80.134 1:17:36.500 4th Mustillo, James 26M TX Age Group 76.212 1:21:36.100 5th Richards, Tristan 40M TX Age Group 76.062 1:21:45.800 6th Bloss, Caden 15M TX Age Group 75.958 1:21:52.500 7th Follin, Bill 56M TX Age Group 75.340 1:22:32.800 8th Billioni, Samuel 46M TX Age Group 75.082 1:22:49.800 9th Brown, Tyler 38M TX Age Group 74.524 1:23:27.000 10th Tomz, Jeffrey 52M TX Age Group 74.287 1:23:43.000 11th Hardy, Steve 57M TX Age Group 73.187 1:24:58.500 12th Thompson, Reid 17M TX Age Group 72.295 1:26:01.400 13th Villarreal, Pedro 34M TX Age Group 70.790 1:27:51.100 14th Milroy, Conor 25M TX Age Group 70.717 1:27:56.600 15th Laqua, Travis 41M TX Age Group 68.470 1:30:49.700 16th Reed, Jackson 17M TX Age Group 67.004 1:32:49.000 17th McMahon, Robert 61M TX Age Group 65.709 1:34:38.700 18th Riant, Mathilde 33F TX Age Group 72.227 1:34:42.900 19th Lockwood, Luke 40M TX Age Group 65.275 1:35:16.500 20th Duran, Pablo 31M TX Age Group 65.254 1:35:18.300 21st Williams, Jerrid 45M TX Age Group 65.049 1:35:36.300 22nd Quinn, Kyle 44M TX Age Group 64.478 1:36:27.100 23rd Ramey, Matt 42M TX Age Group 64.130 1:36:58.500 24th McAteer, Stephen 58M TX Age Group 62.797 1:39:02.100 25th Nott, William 15M TX Age Group 62.400 1:39:39.900 26th Wilkerson, Phillip 54M TX Age Group 62.220 1:39:57.200 27th Thompson, Conor 46M TX Age Group 61.514 1:41:06.000 28th Singh, Akash 31M TX Age Group 61.178 1:41:39.300 29th Hecht, Peter 57M TX Age Group 60.417 1:42:56.100 30th Feese, Berquin 34M TX Age Group 59.595 1:44:21.300 31st Beller, Ellie 21F TX Age Group 62.822 1:48:53.700 32nd Brohn, Peter 55M TX Age Group 56.988 1:49:07.800 33rd Wallace, Susan 61F TX Age Group 61.075 1:52:00.500 34th Pateder, Rupam 55M TX Age Group 55.409 1:52:14.300 35th Brown, Ashley 35F TX Age Group 59.750 1:54:29.600 36th Hillner, Lauren 21F TX Age Group 58.980 1:55:59.300 37th Williams, Cody 45F TX Age Group 58.682 1:56:34.600 38th Venegas, William 54M TX Age Group 53.210 1:56:52.600 39th Nott, Philip 52M TX Age Group 51.869 1:59:53.900 40th Martin, Jp 50M TX Age Group 51.783 2:00:05.900 41st Bourgeois, Scott 49M TX Age Group 51.781 2:00:06.100 42nd Mezyk, Carol 56F TX Age Group 56.572 2:00:55.500 43rd Mulch, Mark 64M TX Age Group 51.209 2:01:26.600 44th French, Lee 50M TX Age Group 48.828 2:07:21.900 45th Dincal, Selcuk 43M TX Age Group 47.362 2:11:18.500 46th McCoy, Kenneth 32M TX Age Group 43.746 2:22:09.700 47th Beauchamp, Gina 56F TX Age Group 43.154 2:38:31.500 48th Fern�ndez, Joaqu�n 24M TX Age Group 39.097 2:39:04.000 Pals, Heili 47F TX Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000