Event Race

Alpha Win - Napa Valley, CA - FALL

Napa, CA
Oct 27 - 28, 2023

This is a one-of-a-kind location! Napa Valley is one of the treasures of the United States and is one of THE premier triathlon venues on the planet. Lake Berryessa is breathtakingly beautiful. This rugged, yet majestic natural setting is home to varied and beautiful Northern California wildlife. The course through Napa Valley will twist and turn alongside beautiful vistas.

Super Sprint - Triathlon
Saturday, Oct 28th, 2023
Adult Event
Super Sprint
Race Type:
Competition Level:
41 Athletes
1st BATULAN, DENZIE 39M CA Age Group 63.070 0:13:15.000 2nd Tupaz, Yuri 12M CA Age Group 59.976 0:13:56.000 3rd Ng, Jonas 12M CA Age Group 59.620 0:14:01.000 4th Chess, Simon 16M CA Age Group 58.919 0:14:11.000 5th Cortez, Efren 29M NV Age Group 58.575 0:14:16.000 6th Toledo, Branden 32M CA Age Group 55.221 0:15:08.000 7th Sellman, Elliott 10M CA Age Group 54.978 0:15:12.000 8th Kinley, Benjamin 16M CA Age Group 54.738 0:15:16.000 9th Miguel, Gene 39M CA Age Group 54.206 0:15:25.000 10th Sanchez, Jose 32M CA Age Group 52.946 0:15:47.000 11th Zeng, Kevin 41M CA Age Group 52.835 0:15:49.000 12th Sargeant, Micah 10F CA Age Group 56.627 0:16:14.000 13th Zeng, Donny 10M CA Age Group 50.443 0:16:34.000 14th Kinley, Dirk 52M CA Age Group 49.940 0:16:44.000 15th Humphrey, Emily 26F CA Age Group 53.341 0:17:14.000 16th Harrington, Gray 8M CA Age Group 47.753 0:17:30.000 16th Clark, Daniel 38M CA Age Group 47.753 0:17:30.000 18th Clark, Tristan 10M CA Age Group 47.707 0:17:31.000 19th Harrington, Blythe 10F CA Age Group 51.211 0:17:57.000 20th Johnson, Leonardo 7M CA Age Group 46.469 0:17:59.000 21st Roxas, Eufrosino A 39M CA Age Group 46.383 0:18:01.000 22nd Brown, Daisy 10F NV Age Group 50.461 0:18:13.000 23rd Souza, Isabela De 27F CA Age Group 49.289 0:18:39.000 24th Kinley, Cooper 11M CA Age Group 44.490 0:18:47.000 25th Love, Emma 10F CA Age Group 45.134 0:20:22.000 26th Love, Steve 44M CA Age Group 40.931 0:20:25.000 27th Winzler, Iyla 8F CA Age Group 44.768 0:20:32.000 28th SHARMA, VEDANSHI 11F CA Age Group 44.408 0:20:42.000 29th Nery, Jose 56M CA Age Group 38.898 0:21:29.000 30th Belitskiy, Vadim 37M CA Age Group 38.838 0:21:31.000 31st Guzman, Melissa 48F CA Age Group 40.674 0:22:36.000 32nd Alcala, Clarissa 26F CA Age Group 40.317 0:22:48.000 33rd Guzman, Julieta 46F CA Age Group 39.340 0:23:22.000 34th Fox, Marie 8F CA Age Group 36.794 0:24:59.000 35th Ahlgren-Formanek, Tatum 7F CA Age Group 35.931 0:25:35.000 36th McAuley, John 59M CA Age Group 31.694 0:26:22.000 37th Ahlgren-Formanek, Ryan 7F CA Age Group 33.265 0:27:38.000 38th Yamashita, Rosa 41F CA Age Group 33.165 0:27:43.000 39th Tozer, Joan 67F CA Age Group 32.085 0:28:39.000 40th Liu, Leah 27F CA Age Group 32.029 0:28:42.000 Mulkeen, Matthew 26M CA Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000