Event Race

Lakeville, MA
Aug 20, 2023

Cranberry Trifest offers a terrific weekend of racing that includes a sprint distance triathlon and splash & dash and an olympic distance triathlon and aquabike on Sunday, August 20, 2023. All events take place at the Ted Williams Camp located at 28 Precinct Street in Lakeville, MA.

Intermediate - Aquabike
Sunday, Aug 20th, 2023
USAT Officiated
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
25 Athletes
1st Cundiff, Gary 57M MA Age Group 110.459 1:25:32.000 2nd Whamond, Michael 54M MA Age Group 106.496 1:28:43.000 3rd Boardman, Emily 29F RI Age Group 93.667 1:40:52.000 4th Allen, Bert 78M RI Age Group 89.497 1:45:34.000 5th Angleton, Jennifer 61F MA Age Group 89.131 1:46:00.000 6th Damianos, Laurie 59F MA Age Group 87.942 1:47:26.000 7th Thomas, Kathleen 60F NH Age Group 87.413 1:48:05.000 8th Thurrell, Nancy 70F NH Age Group 87.131 1:48:26.000 9th Thoren, Christopher 50M MA Age Group 81.110 1:56:29.000 10th Metcalf, Michelle 61F MA Age Group 80.556 1:57:17.000 11th Conte, Victoria 56F RI Age Group 79.506 1:58:50.000 12th Nix, Maureen 66F NH Age Group 78.963 1:59:39.000 13th Bennett, Ronnie 28F MA Age Group 77.654 2:01:40.000 14th Bloom, Rochelle 70F NC Age Group 76.285 2:03:51.000 15th Fagan, Celeste 67F NH Age Group 75.978 2:04:21.000 16th Dyson, Yvette 59F MA Age Group 74.218 2:07:18.000 17th Geiermann, Joseph 61M MA Age Group 72.957 2:09:30.000 18th Whitman, Lynnette 50F MA Age Group 71.171 2:12:45.000 19th Boisvert, Skylar 18F MA Age Group 70.028 2:14:55.000 20th Davis, Marylou Michelle 45F MA Age Group 69.907 2:15:09.000 21st Kepple, Andrew 44M MA Age Group 63.744 2:28:13.000 22nd Wellington, Parker 75M MA Age Group 62.714 2:30:39.000 23rd Silverblatt, Fredric 86M RI Age Group 60.479 2:36:13.000 24th Szymczyk, Ray 58M MA Age Group 57.768 2:43:33.000 25th Kenney, Eryn 33F MA Age Group 56.761 2:46:27.000