Event Race

El Reno, OK
Oct 1, 2023

Established in the fall of 2017, the Chisholm Trail Triathlon was started with the idea in mind of having a late season race for both our members and college triathletes in our region.

Join us out at Lake El Reno for both Sprint and Olympic distance races. Slightly cooler temps make this a great starting race for triathlon newbies as well as a fun cool-down for those having just completed the Red

Short - Triathlon
Sunday, Oct 1st, 2023
USAT Officiated
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
52 Athletes
1st Dominguez, Andrew 36M OK Age Group 89.266 1:08:12.000 2nd Horton, Chris 37M OK Age Group 87.934 1:09:14.000 3rd Botts, Brian 40M OK Age Group 83.875 1:12:35.000 4th Pinto, Michael 52M OK Age Group 81.190 1:14:59.000 5th Eichholz, Shannon 51M OK Age Group 79.999 1:16:06.000 6th Clarke, Daniel 26M OK Age Group 75.299 1:20:51.000 7th Carter, Adrian 36M OK Age Group 74.775 1:21:25.000 8th Mashburn, Cade 25M OK Age Group 74.592 1:21:37.000 9th Hoffman, Brandon 52M OK Age Group 73.143 1:23:14.000 10th Lawter, Parker 24M OK Age Group 72.504 1:23:58.000 11th Wolf, Troy 58M OK Age Group 72.246 1:24:16.000 12th Gilbert, Joseph 46M OK Age Group 71.876 1:24:42.000 13th Borgsmiller, Machaille 35F OK Age Group 78.739 1:25:03.000 14th Garner, Nathaniel 27M OK Age Group 71.357 1:25:19.000 15th Stottlemyre, Camille 50F OK Age Group 75.941 1:28:11.000 16th Hastings, Elenora 39F OK Age Group 75.019 1:29:16.000 17th Holmes, Samantha 21F KS Age Group 74.838 1:29:29.000 18th Nuzum, Dyllan 31M OK Age Group 65.263 1:33:17.000 19th Woommavovah, Mark 56M OK Age Group 64.984 1:33:41.000 20th Grear, Todd 48M AR Age Group 64.582 1:34:16.000 21st Anderson, David 57M OK Age Group 63.938 1:35:13.000 22nd Ferris, Beth 41F OK Age Group 70.062 1:35:35.000 23rd Croy, Brandon 39M OK Age Group 62.472 1:37:27.000 24th Amend, Brian 54M OK Age Group 60.829 1:40:05.000 25th Dingess, Jack 59M OK Age Group 60.276 1:41:00.000 26th Saur, Michael 62M OK Open 60.237 1:41:04.000 27th Miller, Wes 63M OK Age Group 60.019 1:41:26.000 28th Watson, Andrew 33M OK Age Group 59.087 1:43:02.000 29th Provencio, Alyssa 36F OK Age Group 64.901 1:43:11.000 30th Simulescu, Marilyn 42F OK Age Group 64.443 1:43:55.000 31st Munn, Kelly 53F OK Age Group 64.073 1:44:31.000 32nd Johnson, Michael 26M OK Age Group 57.406 1:46:03.000 33rd Birdsong, John 43M OK Age Group 57.092 1:46:38.000 34th McConnell, Cyndie 46F OK Open 62.547 1:47:04.000 35th Lohmar, Soren 58M OK Age Group 55.445 1:49:48.000 36th Martinez, Tina 60F KS Age Group 60.540 1:50:37.000 37th Simulescu, Michael 42M OK Age Group 53.955 1:52:50.000 38th Russell, Rob 27M OK Age Group 53.450 1:53:54.000 39th Reising, Paul 59M OK Age Group 51.775 1:57:35.000 40th Carman, Arthur 66M OK Age Group 50.341 2:00:56.000 41st Capshaw, Phillip 68M OK Age Group 49.690 2:02:31.000 42nd Diehl, Jim 70M OK Age Group 48.820 2:04:42.000 43rd Moen, Donna 53F OK Age Group 52.695 2:07:05.000 44th Barnett, Debi 45F OK Open 51.559 2:09:53.000 45th Petrimoulx, Taylor 33F OK Age Group 46.694 2:23:25.000 Persich, Garrett 30M TX Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Blake, Stephen 32M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 DuRegger, Sam 44M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Smith, Joey 59M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Hildenbrand, John 69M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Tetrick, Ty 22M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Kohler, Vaughn 50M KS Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000