Event Race

El Reno, OK
Oct 1, 2023

Established in the fall of 2017, the Chisholm Trail Triathlon was started with the idea in mind of having a late season race for both our members and college triathletes in our region.

Join us out at Lake El Reno for both Sprint and Olympic distance races. Slightly cooler temps make this a great starting race for triathlon newbies as well as a fun cool-down for those having just completed the Red

Intermediate - Triathlon
Sunday, Oct 1st, 2023
USAT Officiated
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
38 Athletes
1st Chance, Rob 61M OK Age Group 90.147 2:13:02.000 2nd Griffin, Stephen 43M TX Age Group 87.261 2:17:26.000 3rd Cox, Phillip 52M OK Age Group 85.722 2:19:54.000 4th Mahan, Lee 50M OK Age Group 83.766 2:23:10.000 5th Clink, Jacob 17M OK Age Group 83.340 2:23:54.000 6th Wolf, Jeff 47M OK Age Group 83.137 2:24:15.000 7th Rau, Joshua 17M OK Age Group 80.343 2:29:16.000 8th Mahoney, Edward 49M OK Age Group 79.817 2:30:15.000 9th Garroutte, Hunter 27M OK Age Group 76.224 2:37:20.000 10th Duvall, David 41M OK Age Group 73.021 2:44:14.000 11th Elston, Christian 29M MO Age Group 70.399 2:50:21.000 12th Sullivan, Tara 25F OK Age Group 76.129 2:53:17.000 13th Delozier, Don 51M OK Age Group 67.488 2:57:42.000 14th Martin, Estin 18M TX Age Group 67.475 2:57:44.000 15th Garroutte, Breiahna 28F OK Age Group 72.990 3:00:44.000 16th Alexander, Christopher 39M OK Age Group 65.094 3:04:14.000 17th Orphan, Joshua 38M MO Age Group 64.685 3:05:24.000 18th Griffioen, Stephanie 34F OK Age Group 71.026 3:05:44.000 19th Morrison, Audra 45F MO Age Group 70.994 3:05:49.000 20th Parris, Noah 53M OK Age Group 64.384 3:06:16.000 21st Williams, Stephen 36M OK Age Group 63.892 3:07:42.000 22nd Newman, Travis 33M OK Age Group 61.114 3:16:14.000 23rd Goolsbay, Geoff 60M OK Age Group 61.077 3:16:21.000 24th McDermott, Megan 48F KS Age Group 67.043 3:16:46.000 25th Stolarczyk, Anna 32F OK Age Group 64.629 3:24:07.000 26th Czerwinski, Brandie 47F OK Age Group 62.883 3:29:47.000 27th Addington, Tracey 49F TX Age Group 62.481 3:31:08.000 28th Bowen, Spencer 76M OK Age Group 56.707 3:31:29.000 29th Anderson , Dallin 33M OK Age Group 56.431 3:32:31.000 30th Oliverio, Marietta 27F OK Age Group 62.064 3:32:33.000 31st Wright, Spencer 42M OK Open 54.986 3:38:06.000 32nd Roath, Gregory 37M OK Age Group 54.932 3:38:19.000 33rd Luster, Dakota 23M OK Age Group 53.037 3:46:07.000 33rd Ross, Braden 30M OK Age Group 53.037 3:46:07.000 35th Tuong, David 32M OK Age Group 49.990 3:59:54.000 Hunt, Mason 40M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Culley, Patrick 56M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000 Brown, Greg 57M OK Age Group 0.000 0:00:00.000