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Columbus Triathlon & Multisport Festival

New Holland, OH
Aug 20, 2023

The Columbus Triathlon and Multisport Festival has something for everyone of all ages and ability levels! Races include beginner, sprint, olympic, and third iron distances in triathlons, duathlons, aquabikes, and aquathlons as well as 3k/6k open water swim and 5k/10k/15k run only distances. Participants call the Columbus Triathlon one of the best events in Ohio!

Short - Triathlon
Women’s Only Women’s Only
Sunday, Aug 20th, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
41 Athletes
1st HAMMOND, CHRISTY 47F OH Age Group 91.299 0:40:00.180 2nd REARDON, NOAH 21M MI Age Group 80.380 0:41:18.400 3rd DURYEA, JOSHUA 21M OH Age Group 78.782 0:42:08.680 4th HELLARD, ANDREW 44M OH Age Group 72.345 0:45:53.660 5th VON VILLE, CAROLINE 19F OH Age Group 76.965 0:47:27.190 6th ASHFORD, KELLEY 40F OH Age Group 76.164 0:47:57.130 7th GUERRERO, BEN 49M KY Age Group 69.164 0:48:00.300 8th BOGDANOVITCH, CHARLIE 15M OH Age Group 68.737 0:48:18.202 9th MILLER, JENNA 22F PA Age Group 74.886 0:48:46.240 10th ZIMMER, ERIC 53M OH Age Group 65.502 0:50:41.346 11th HOLLINGSWORTH, BRYAN 42M OH Age Group 65.494 0:50:41.700 12th KAUFFMAN, TREY 38M OH Age Group 64.566 0:51:25.430 13th ROETTGER, RYAN 46M OH Age Group 63.655 0:52:09.570 14th LUTZ, BETH 48F OH Age Group 69.485 0:52:33.700 15th WOLFFORD, MAYA 19F OH Age Group 69.182 0:52:47.490 16th WINGET, J 47F OH Age Group 68.563 0:53:16.860 17th WESTBROOKS, AMANDA 24F OH Age Group 68.145 0:53:35.710 18th NICKELL, CARISSA 23F OH Age Group 67.355 0:54:13.420 19th WOLFFORD, MIKA 54F OH Age Group 66.439 0:54:58.285 20th GORMAN, TOM 32M OH Age Group 60.175 0:55:10.590 21st HEMMINGER, KENDRA 34F OH Age Group 66.160 0:55:12.200 22nd NAGLE, KYLE 28M OH Age Group 60.124 0:55:13.386 23rd THEES, MACEY 23F OH Age Group 63.835 0:57:12.809 24th HINTZ, AMANDA 43F OH Age Group 63.097 0:57:52.970 25th BOND, WILLIAM 44M OH Age Group 56.662 0:58:35.807 26th HATTEY, SUSAN 61F OH Age Group 62.278 0:58:38.670 27th COLOPY, DYLAN 27M OH Age Group 56.218 0:59:03.577 28th GARDNER, EMILY 30F OH Age Group 60.256 1:00:36.730 29th MARMION, LIAM 10M OH Age Group 53.559 1:01:59.510 30th NICKERSON, KEVIN 47M OH Age Group 52.506 1:03:14.110 31st LINDSAY, KAREN 52F OH Age Group 56.047 1:05:09.820 32nd HARTMAN, ZOE 23F OH Age Group 54.790 1:06:39.510 33rd WOLF, EMILY 24F OH Age Group 54.787 1:06:39.740 34th GOINS, KYLEE 14F OH Age Group 53.600 1:08:08.310 35th MYERS, KARISA 44F OH Age Group 53.521 1:08:14.400 36th JACKSON, TEREL 40F OH Age Group 52.702 1:09:17.979 37th FISH, LORA 56F OH Age Group 45.429 1:20:23.690 38th ELSTER, LINDSEY 31F TN Age Group 45.390 1:20:27.770 39th FETHEROLF, KATHRYN 29F OH Age Group 45.390 1:20:27.800 40th CALLAWAY, SABRINA 28F OH Age Group 45.292 1:20:38.270 41st WHITACRE, JODIE 48F OH Age Group 35.882 1:41:47.000