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Columbus Triathlon & Multisport Festival

New Holland, OH
Aug 20, 2023

The Columbus Triathlon and Multisport Festival has something for everyone of all ages and ability levels! Races include beginner, sprint, olympic, and third iron distances in triathlons, duathlons, aquabikes, and aquathlons as well as 3k/6k open water swim and 5k/10k/15k run only distances. Participants call the Columbus Triathlon one of the best events in Ohio!

Intermediate - Triathlon
Women’s Only Women’s Only
Sunday, Aug 20th, 2023
Adult Event
Race Type:
Competition Level:
38 Athletes
1st MEYERS, RYAN 25M OH Age Group 100.988 2:08:53.180 2nd YANEY, JACOB 33M OH Age Group 97.731 2:13:10.880 3rd IZWORSKI, JASON 48M OH Age Group 91.418 2:22:22.700 4th COLLINS, JEFFREY 40M OH Age Group 88.762 2:26:38.320 5th NOWALK, AIDAN 19M OH Age Group 83.170 2:36:29.900 6th BOYLE, SARAH 39F OH Age Group 91.108 2:37:08.970 7th HOOPER, KAULIN 31M OH Age Group 81.616 2:39:28.710 8th LENHARDT, DREW 25M OH Age Group 81.033 2:40:37.500 9th PIZZOTTI, DAVID 45M OH Age Group 79.637 2:43:26.450 10th MCINTYRE, MARK 48M OH Age Group 79.254 2:44:13.840 11th HARRIS, DAVID 52M OH Age Group 78.278 2:46:16.680 12th KIRBY, ELIZABETH 39F OH Age Group 83.407 2:51:39.480 13th SCHNIEDER, JACK 22M OH Age Group 74.389 2:54:58.270 14th EASTERDAY, KIRK 26M OH Age Group 71.377 3:02:21.198 15th NEWTON, BILL 46M OH Age Group 71.192 3:02:49.660 16th COLLEY, JOSH 32M OH Age Group 70.869 3:03:39.730 17th BISHOFF, WESTON 27M OH Age Group 69.696 3:06:45.180 18th NAKAMURA, MASAHIRO 41M KY Age Group 69.201 3:08:05.340 19th RICHARDSON, SARA 28F OH Age Group 74.186 3:12:59.700 20th REED, DAVID 58M OH Age Group 67.421 3:13:03.210 21st WISNIEWSKI, KEVIN 51M OH Age Group 67.369 3:13:12.250 22nd SINGLER, BRETT 26M OH Age Group 66.884 3:14:36.240 23rd PESTER, TIM 54M OH Age Group 66.199 3:16:37.100 24th KITCHEN, KAREN 57F OH Age Group 70.971 3:21:44.320 25th BALLARD, CHRISTOPHER 33M OH Age Group 63.693 3:24:21.280 26th HENN, DANIELLE 42F OH Age Group 69.387 3:26:20.584 27th KWOK, GARCIA HIN CHUN 33M OH Age Group 62.234 3:29:08.690 28th WILLENBORG, ALEX 25M OH Age Group 61.955 3:30:05.100 29th SUGITA, IPPEI 40M GA Age Group 61.572 3:31:23.683 30th SATO, KEITA 39M OH Age Group 61.568 3:31:24.340 31st DEGUCHI, TORU 55M KY Age Group 61.567 3:31:24.680 32nd ZABEL, ZACHARY 32M OH Age Group 61.410 3:31:57.460 33rd WALDOCK, KRISTINE 40F OH Age Group 64.740 3:41:09.260 34th HAIGHT, MITCHELL 27M OH Age Group 57.266 3:47:17.400 35th STEWART, NICK 27M OH Age Group 55.297 3:55:22.940 36th BYRD, NEILSTON 53M OH Age Group 54.461 3:58:59.700 37th KIM, AIDAN 26M OH Age Group 51.182 4:14:18.350 38th FOUT, JUSTIN 28M OH Age Group 48.266 4:29:40.310